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Our adoption questionnaire is available online as a PDF document.  If you would like to fill out our form in advance, you may do so clicking on the questionnaire image below.  This will take your browser to the form in PDF format.  You will need to have a copy of Adobe Acrobat installed on your system (or some other compatible viewer program) in order to make use the link.

If you would like to try a completely "on line" application process using this form, then you may be able to do so.  There are technical issues that somewhat limit the ability to do this right now.  The supported configuration for directly submitting this "fillable" PDF online requires that you visit this site and load the form with Microsoft Internet Explorer in conjunction with the Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you use a different browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc., or if you use a different PDF viewer application such as Nitro PDF, the FoxIt Reader, etc. the process will likely fail.  Best results are obtained with recent copies of these two programs.  Please use Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 or 11 in conjunction with Adobe Reader XI.

Fill in the form and then save a copy of the form with your entries using the "File / Save As.." menu function.  This will provide you with your own copy of your application that you can retain and/or print as you see fit.  Now, scroll to the bottom of the form and then press the green colored "Submit this application to Pet Adoption League" button.  If the submission is successful, after a few seconds your browser will load a page confirming the form has been received.  There are other ways to submit your application that are not quite a direct.  Details are provided below.

Click for a copy of the questionnaire form in PDF format

You can load the form in your browser window with Adobe Acrobat.  If the purple banner says "Please fill out the following form.  You can save data typed into this form", then do so.  Save a copy of your work locally and email us a copy as an attachment.  Email to:  "".

You can print this form on your local printer and fill it out. When you have completed the form, you can bring it with you to a PetsMart location where volunteers are showing animals, or you could fax or email it back to the Pet Adoption League.  Please use black ink and print clearly; it reproduces much better.

If you wish to fax back a completed form, then fax it to 918-364-0428.  Fax is checked a few times per day.

If you have the means to scan your completed application to a file, you could also send it back to us as an email attachment.  If you want to do that, please send the message to "".  Don't forget to actually attach your scan file to the email message before you send it.  If you can create your scanned image as a PDF file, that would be best.  Otherwise JPG would work fine too.

Get Application Questionnaire in DOC (MS Word) Format  This is an editable version of our application in DOC format.  If you have Microsoft Word (or any other appropriate application that will edit Word files, then you can download this file to edit.  If you will save your changes and email back the result, it will be forwarded to a senior volunteer for processing.  If you are going to send us a word processed file, please convert (if necessary) your output to PDF, DOC, or RTF format.  If you send us files that are in other proprietary formats (examples would be MS Works word processor, Word Perfect, and so on), this may delay the processing of your application as we will most likely contact you and request that you submit the file in a format we can read.

Please be aware that sending an application to us via postal mail is really not a good idea, except as a method of last resort.  There is risk of a serious delay caused by the fact that local postal delivery can take a day or more, and the PO Box is NOT checked every day.  Other potential adopters using faster means to deliver an application to us might be approved and have an animal released to them before we would even see your application.

You can go to the Adobe website and obtain a free copy of the Acrobat reader program for both the Windows and the Mac platforms as well as for a number of other desktop and portable device operating system platforms.

Below is a link to the page on Adobe.Com where you can acquire the copy of the Adobe Acrobat reader you need: