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The Pet Adoption League - Donations:

Happy Cat !

Donations can be handled a number of different ways.  These would be the most common methods that folks use to help us with our rescue efforts.

Direct mailing of a check to our organization, via our treasurer:

Please send you donation to our  postal address:  P. O. Box 700934, Tulsa, OK  74170-0934

Donation using the PayPal system:

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to help the Pet Adoption League pay the medical bills for our animals, click on the Bone:

Personal visit:

If you can come to one of our showings, we have a collection jar on the work table.


The Pet Adoption League is a not for profit organization and a labor of love for the volunteers.  As with any other organization, there are recurring expenses.  Examples include veterinary care services, boarding costs, pet food expense, and common office supplies.  There are often needs for equipment such as leashes, collars, cages, water bowls, and other items used to care for the waiting animals.

All donations, be they simple cash donations, or otherwise, are very greatly appreciated.  The adoption fees represent a major source of the organization's income, but with more resources, more good can be done.

Also, adoption fees alone simply will not cover the average expense that we incur in making an animal available and ready.  It does cover for some, but falls far short on others, leaving us in need of donations to keep a balanced ledger.

Special Projects for which extra donations are sought:   From time to time the Pet Adoption League gets involved with special animal care requirements.  Non-routine surgeries, and treatments for specific less common medical issues would be good examples.   On occasions PAL gets involved with group rescue efforts involving multiple animals all at once.  That puts a special strain on finances since it's unlikely that we can immediately locate fosters for a group of animals arriving together.  In these situations we have to resort to veterinary partner boarding services for which we pay a daily rate per animal.


   Donations made with this bone are targeted to the general support of animals in our care.
  Donations made with this bone are targeted to our Summer 2014 group rescue of the "Okemah Seven" animals.