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The Pet Adoption League - General Guidelines:

When you adopt an animal from the Pet Adoption League, our since desire is for a wonderful outcome for both the adoptive parents and the adopted animal.  In the normal course of the adoption process, the adoptive parents will be asked to pay the adoption fee prior to taking the new animal home.

The fees range from  $ 100.00 to $200.00 for most dogs and $ 90.00 for most cats.  The fees may higher and individually set for specialty breeds.  Puppy adoption fees are higher than for adult dogs because PAL has to provide more vet care on average for puppies.

Adoption fees are charged to recover the expenses associated with caring for the animal during its stay with us. Without the fees, the organization could not exist as it does.  The expenses associated with caring for the average dog during its stay with us tend to run on the average a bit higher than those for a cat.  For this reason, there is a small difference in the fee depending upon what type of animal you adopt.  There is no difference in the fees based upon the animal's sex.

In all cases, the adoption fee covers spaying or neutering of the animal, plus all the required shots such as the rabies vaccination.  Also included for dogs is testing for heartworm disease.  Also included for cats is testing for feline leukemia.

If you adopt a puppy or kitten that is to young at the time for the spay or neuter process, you will be provided with a veterinary contact that will perform the procedure at the right time with no charge to you.  The same is true for the multiple shots puppies and kittens must receive up to and including their first rabies shot.

We don't want unhappy situations, so if things just can't be worked out for some reason, then we want you to bring the animal back.  Generally speaking, it's obvious within the first two or three weeks if there is going to be an insurmountable problem.  For this reason, we will be happy to provide a full refund for the first thirty days after you take your new animal home.

Sometimes other things can happen that make keeping your animal impractical months or even years after the adoption.  Job transfers, illnesses, and other unforeseen events can bring this situation about.  If this ever happens to an animal that came from the Pet Adoption League, we want you to consult with us.  We will help you place the animal in a new home.  You must not destroy the animal, or transfer it to a shelter or other adoption organization without contacting us first.

The Pet Adoption League - Legal Contract

The PAL Contract